Bethlehem Judah Church - Keeping The Covenant 2018

11 May 5:00pm - 12 May 3:00pm 2018

Gull Lake Ministries, 1800 Burlington Dr, Hickory Corners, MI 49060, USA Map

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One Flesh - the marriage ministry of Bethlehem Judah Church has one goal. To help reclaim God's original design for marital partnership. The Biblical meaning of one flesh is not just sex, but rather God's picture of His union of man and woman. Working in covenant, with one mind, one goal, and shared purpose.

Keeping The Covenant 2018 is an opportunity that will help your marriage to be all that you hoped and need it to be. Come and heighten your communication skills, learn how to let go of past disappointment, and develop a prayer shield - all to increase intimacy, and help you fulfill the ultimate goal for your marriage - becoming One Flesh.

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